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Weezer at iheartradio's Stripped Live Show! [10 Nov 2009|01:47pm]

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In case anyone hasn't seen it. [16 May 2009|11:49am]

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Interview. [12 Feb 2009|09:27pm]

Rivers Cuomo was on Fresh Air a couple of weeks ago. It was an interesting interview. I uploaded it in case you'd like to listen.

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[10 Dec 2008|09:57am]

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Rivers Cuomo looking to release Alone 2! [01 Nov 2008|05:25am]




Totally awesome. Can't wait till Nov.25

the first one had some totally rockin' songs

My favorites would be in no particular order

1. Blast off!

2.Lover In The Snow

3. Wanda, your my only love


So excited!

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Camera policy [23 Oct 2008|10:22pm]

Does anyone know how strict arenas have been about cameras? My ticket specifically says "No cameras/recording devices" but I've seen a ton of videos on YouTube and pictures from concerts floating around.

This concert's been 15 years in the making for me, so I'd like to know if I'll be able to document it somehow.
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Weezer Kick Off North American Tour! [24 Sep 2008|04:51pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

SPIN.com has details about Weezer's opening night in Massachussets! Listen to the tracks from the set list and see photos.  This just makes me so impatient for them to finally play in my city!


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[18 Sep 2008|11:56pm]

Hey everyone. Anybody else goign to the NJ show on the 27th?

Anyway, my friend Dave entered a contest to play on stage with Weezer. Please take the time out to watch his video, not only because he's my friend but he is an INCREDIBLE musician.

here is his video:

and here's the voting page: http://www.radio1045.com/pages/weezer.html

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ima troublemaker [24 Aug 2008|03:12pm]


It was an eventful day. There was dodgeball, logos made of nachos, miniture drum sets, and world record breaking!

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does anyone currently own this? [24 Aug 2008|03:26pm]


I have been searching all over for it (it is discontinued) to use for my wedding ceremony. If anyone has it and would be willing to share it with me I would appreciate it.

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[08 Aug 2008|12:21pm]

I just received this e-mail from iTunes

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So I guess they finally realized they haven't sent them out. Hope everyone receives theirs in time! :)
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So, I've given the album some serious alone time.... [06 Jun 2008|04:12pm]

It hurts me to say it, but the album just isn't that good. Too much filler, not enough killer, to borrow from Sum 41 (of all people!). The first 6 songs are all really good, of varying degrees (for some reason, I really love Troublemaker). Heart Songs is probably my favorite song, as far as lyrics go -- strange when you consider he's referencing the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and Eddie Rabbit. Some of the deluxe content is good too; Miss Sweeney is great, and the chorus is totally Suzanne. And I really like "It's Easy". But there just isn't that much that's too terribly memorable. The last 5 albums I really enjoyed, and could easily point and say "this track was IT!", but that factor is just not there. It's good, and I will listen to it a lot, but in my opinion...it's probably the lowest album they've ever made.

But that's not an insult. They've just set the bar so incredibly high its hard to measure up.
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[03 Jun 2008|07:57pm]

so this post is for any thoughts on the new album...
i was talking to the guy at the store and he said he wasn't too sure about it because he felt let down by make believe.
what are your thoughts on it?

Edit: after listening to it. i cant really say its bad. its really "different" then what the band has perviously done. this is the first record that someone other than rivers sang and wrote for the record so its again different. some songs are great some are okay... i guess it all depends on how you look at it...
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pork and beans [03 Jun 2008|09:12pm]

How come no one here is talking about the Pork and Beans video?

The fan-instrument-sing-a-long thing from MTV is up now too on their artist of the week website. It sounds like a chaotic mess to me... the original video is much better. Now if only Waldo was in it somewhere...
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[01 Jun 2008|11:13pm]
hey i was just wondering if anyone else pre-ordered the red album through iTunes.

Cause I did and they said they would send you the presale password for tickets two weeks prior to the release of the album, but I have yet to receive anything :( and it's already been a few weeks since I ordered it.
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Nerdgasm [23 Apr 2008|10:31pm]

[ mood | weezer-ific ]

Itunes JUST NOW offered the new Weezer album (titled "Weezer", this time known as the Red Album) for pre-order...coming out in two long months, but you get Pork and Beans now. When it comes out, I get the deluxe album, with 2 bonus tracks. I also get (and I hope I can afford it) the opportunity to pre-order concert tickets before they go on sale to the general public. I am beyond stoked.

And, making good on my promise, I now have a legitimate copy of the song. Snoogins.

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[19 Apr 2008|08:13pm]

I sincerely hope everyone has heard "Pork and Beans". I just heard it on the radio today, and nearly pooped myself. As always, pure weezer awesomeness. Reminiscint of the first two albums, but with the self-assured melodic styles of the later albums. "Officially" releases on Wednesday, but I "borrowed" a copy from Limewire...just till I can buy it.
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uh... [01 Feb 2008|03:49pm]

has anyone seen the 'beaches.com' commercial where they use a terrible cover of island in the sun? it made me cry a little.
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Hello, =W= RARES YARD SALE! [22 Jul 2007|05:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey Weezer Fans!  (X-posted in weezernerds)

I am a starving college student, like most are. However, I am so so short on moolah that I'm willing to part with my dearest weezer cds/mementos, many of which are RARE and you won't be able to find them anyplace, not at a decent price anyway.

I figured I'd offer you guys some of the CDs before I go and sell them on ebay to someone heartless that would not appreciate them. Feel free to offer me anything, but I am poor and not in the mood to go much lower than what's posted.

This of course is the first wave, there will be 2 or 3.

Also, if you're interested, I have other =w= related music (i.e. all Special Goodness stuff and Space Twins) and some hard to find, awesome =w= bootlegs. Comment if you'd like me to post them!

Thanks guys, keep an eye out for the other items coming...

TO BUY: My AIM is Osakaaquabus92 if you want something, or you can email me at osakaaquabus@gmail.com.
I will take paypal and money orders, nothing else. I will ship to other countries, but keep in mind shipping is extra.

I have up for grabs:

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[ TOMORROW NIGHT! @ Modified Arts!] [28 Jun 2007|03:51pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

You should all check this show out at Modified tomorrow( Friday). 8:30pm!
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