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Hey Weezer Fans!  (X-posted in weezernerds)

I am a starving college student, like most are. However, I am so so short on moolah that I'm willing to part with my dearest weezer cds/mementos, many of which are RARE and you won't be able to find them anyplace, not at a decent price anyway.

I figured I'd offer you guys some of the CDs before I go and sell them on ebay to someone heartless that would not appreciate them. Feel free to offer me anything, but I am poor and not in the mood to go much lower than what's posted.

This of course is the first wave, there will be 2 or 3.

Also, if you're interested, I have other =w= related music (i.e. all Special Goodness stuff and Space Twins) and some hard to find, awesome =w= bootlegs. Comment if you'd like me to post them!

Thanks guys, keep an eye out for the other items coming...

TO BUY: My AIM is Osakaaquabus92 if you want something, or you can email me at
I will take paypal and money orders, nothing else. I will ship to other countries, but keep in mind shipping is extra.

I have up for grabs:

1)- Japanese limited version of Maladroit. in mint condition, complete with obi (that goes on the side of the case, in Japanese), Japanese insert with lyrics and biography in Japanese, and a Maladroit square sticker. It also has Island in the Sun and Living Without You as bonus tracks and the same videos that the American version of Mal. has. It's pretty damn sweet. IT DOESN'T HAVE A NUMBER OR BARCODE On the back(!) like the US version. [$25]

2)- Promo copy of Maladroit. It is the same as the regular version, but it has a sticker (the pink writing) on the front that says "Permission of Record Company, for Promotional Use Only!" I won it at a pre-release party on may 11th, 2002. So the story can come with the cd. It has a hole punch punched in the barcode. It is #593157. [$15]

3)- Lion and the Witch EP in perfect, beautiful condition. LOOONG out of print! It is #35530. [$30]

4)- Japanese "Photograph" Single, with Obi and lyrics inside the insert. Great condition, just a sticker mark on the top right corner (but the cd case could be changed, doesn't matter). This is super hard to come by, keep in mind. [$35]

5)- The "OZ EP" which is the "Good Life" single. It's pretty hard to find, and this one is in tip-top condition. It has "the good life" and "pink triangle" acoustic versions on it, as well as "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams". [$20]

 6)- UK 3-track Hash Pipe Single (w/ uncut video)~ Perfect condition UK Hash Pipe Single with video and Starlight/ Jimmy Pop remix on it. All stickers complete and original! It even has the "If you would like more information about WEEZER..." fill out card for the UK. [$18]
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