Need to know? (caliban78) wrote in the_weez,
Need to know?

So, I've given the album some serious alone time....

It hurts me to say it, but the album just isn't that good. Too much filler, not enough killer, to borrow from Sum 41 (of all people!). The first 6 songs are all really good, of varying degrees (for some reason, I really love Troublemaker). Heart Songs is probably my favorite song, as far as lyrics go -- strange when you consider he's referencing the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and Eddie Rabbit. Some of the deluxe content is good too; Miss Sweeney is great, and the chorus is totally Suzanne. And I really like "It's Easy". But there just isn't that much that's too terribly memorable. The last 5 albums I really enjoyed, and could easily point and say "this track was IT!", but that factor is just not there. It's good, and I will listen to it a lot, but in my's probably the lowest album they've ever made.

But that's not an insult. They've just set the bar so incredibly high its hard to measure up.
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